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The publication dedicated to the phenomenon of Czech Cubism takes the reader through all the thematic areas of the exhibition in the House of the Black Mother of God – the first Cubist building in Prague. These key themes, which include, for example, "Group of visual artists", "Cubist interior and furniture making" and "Slanted surface and crystal", trace the relationships between liberal arts, architecture and interior design. 

The text is accompanied by reproductions of furniture, ceramic, glass and metal objects, ornamental wallpaper patterns, posters and book graphics from the collection of UPM, the Moravian Gallery in Brno and the National Museum. The ideational connection of free and applied art in the Cubism period is documented by paintings and sculptures from the holdings of the National Gallery in Prague, the West Bohemian Gallery in Pilsen and from a private collection. The main creators, such as Josef Gočár, Vlastislav Hofman, Pavel Janák, Otto Gutfreund, Emila Filla, Josef Čapek, Bohumil Kubišta, Václav Špála and others, bring the medallions closer together. The timeline follows the events of the second decade of the 20th century, which shaped the environment of the Cubist art scene, their supporters and critics.

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