Pavel Janák

Architect, urban planner, designer and teacher Pavel Janák was the leading theorist of the Czech Cubist movement. He…

Vlastislav Hofman

Vlastislav Hofman found the best outlet for his many talents in stage design, but he also painted, worked in town…

Rudolf Stockar

Rudolf Stockar (1886 – 1957) made his name in the design of ceramics, jewellery and furniture. His career was…

Ladislav Sutnar

Sutnar is best described by the word pioneer, because he developed new ways of thinking and creating. He boldly…

Václav Špála

 Václav Špála is a phenomenon of Czech modern art. His work was both uncritically admired and condemned by the…

Goldfinger porcelán

Company GOLDFINGER Porcelain is engaged in original, quality, mostly small-lot production of porcelain and ceramics,…
The Modernista company was founded in 1999 with the aim of creating a unique shop in the Czech Republic that will offer the best of Czech design of the last 100 years. The modernist has been cooperating for a long time with the Museum of Applied Arts (UPM), with whom he brought to life an exclusive re-edition of the collection of cubist ceramics by Pavel Janák, Rudolf Stockar and Vlastislav Hofman, furniture and home accessories designed by Josef Gočár and Jindřich Halabala, wooden toys by Ladislav Sutnar and other unique products.