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The book maps out the creative output of forty-two personalities in the field of Czech design during the final decade of the existence of Socialist Czechoslovakia and the following 1990s, when the market conditions underwent a radical change. In the 1980s, when the incompetent and cumbersome industrial sphere (with a few fine exceptions) buried all talent and good ideas, designers and architects reacted to this situation by manifesting a modern, contemporary style (the Edis and Atika artists’ groups). The transition to a market economy, globalization and the world’s markets brought new opportunities in the 1990s – a period that saw the emergence of new companies interested in collaborating with top-quality designers.
Texts: Milena Lamarová, Eva Jiřičná, Tereza Bruthansová, Ludmila Salačová
Publisher: UPM, 1999
Edition: English 
Pages: 148, reproductions: 149
Format: 29 x 23 cm, soft cover
ISBN 80-7101-062-2