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The Museum Book of the Year – First Prize in the Gloria musaealis National Museum Competition
The publication contains an overview of fine and applied arts of the Biedermeier era in the Bohemian lands presented from a viewpoint of the current debate about the nature of this specific artistic and ideological trend. The first part is comprised of thematic essays that concentrate on various spheres of art production of the period, as well as its social and ideological roots. Special attention is devoted to cabinetry, Bohemian glass and porcelain, fashion, painting and graphic arts. The second section – the catalogue – includes over 800 colour reproductions of exhibits; most of the entries are accompanied by short annotations. This part is divided into several chapters that explore the theme of home, the elegant simplicity of the new style, inspiration by urban life, and the cult of nature and natural materials.
Editor: Radim Vondráček
Texts: Helena Brožková, Jiří Fronek, Daniela Karasová, Šárka Leubnerová, Zuzana Novotná, Roman Prahl, Jiří Rak, Eva Uchalová, Vít Vlnas, Radim Vondráček, Jana Wittlichová et al.
Publishers: UPM and Gallery, 2010
Editions: English 
Format: 28 x 24 cm, hard cover
Pages: 528, reproductions: 843
ISBN 978-80-7101-074-6